Episode One: Danvers

Youtube documentary

My American Odyssey

Massachusett  tribe history

Asylum Project (dot) org


Order of the Good Death

Old News Article

Another Old News Article

Ruby’s Glass Eye

Sarah Eustace legend

Kirkbride Building history

Abandoned Asylums


Episode Two: Marie Balter

LA Times: Marie’s book

Dr. Royce Jalazo on Marie

Succeeding: Overcoming the Odds, James Scott, 2005

Shelley’s Tales: Memoirs of a Mensch, Sheldon S. Brown, 2017

NY Times on Marie’s transition from patient to administrator


Episode Three: the History of Black Mental Illness

Minority Nurse  Stats

DSM changes (Psychiatry.org)

Old medical records found in former Virgina hospital

Mental Health America.net

Bipolar disorder and African Americans

Forgotten patient stories

An Early History by Vanessa Jackson

Disturbing history of black mental health

Stigma and coping in black culture

How Schiz. Became a Black Disease

Wellness empowerment: Ebony magazine


Episode Four: Mental Illness in Modern Black Culture

Race in Medicine

See sources from Episode Three for more


Episode Five: Lafargue Mental Hygiene Clinic

The Living Church

A Fine New Child: The Lafargue Mental Hygiene Clinic and Harlem’s African American Communities  1946-1958 (Doyle, Dennis. Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences. Vol 64, No. 2 [April 2009],  pp. 173-212. Published by Oxford Press)


Episode Six:  Student Stress = Historical Insanity?

Psychology Today: the College Student Mental Health Crisis

Why I Don’t Believe Reports of a Mental Health Crisis

NYT: Overscheduled Children- A Problem?

Sleep Health Journal

UCLA  study

Slate: It’s Not the Job Market

USA Today

The Overschedule Child: How to Avoid Hyper-Parenting (Rosefeld and Wise)

Reading Classes: On Culture and Classism in America (Jensen)


Episode 7: The Slenderman Stabbings

Geyser’s Mom Begs Court to Toss Confession

Rolling Stone: Trying These Girls as Adults is Absurd

Schizophrenia’s Getting Worse, Claims Psychiatrist

NY Magazine feature



How Children Understand Death

Mayo Clinic: Childhood Schizophrenia


Episode Eight:  Lobotomies

Lobotomy definition

BBC News

Howard Dully: My Lobotomy (NPR)

Losing their Minds



Episode Nine: Rosemary Kennedy

Discrimination in the Bible

Rosemary and Eunice

JFK Library


Episode Ten:  Bias and Polarization

Scientific American: Why People Fly from Facts

White Nationlist’s Genetic Ancestry Test

NYT:  Harold Camping Dies at 92

Jamie Gilt Remains Infamous

The Atlantic: Rapture Aftermath

I Don’t Want to Be Right

A Year After the Non-Apocalypse, Where Are They Now?

Mother Jones: Denial

NYT: Trump Press Conference


Episode 11: Inconvenient Relatives

Inconvenient People: Lunacy, Liberty, and Mad Doctors in England (Sarah Wise. The Bodley Head. 2012)

Snopes: Ugly Laws

NYT:  Karen Boldt

People: Karen