NOTE: In this episode, you’ll hear my volume going up and down slightly. This isn’t my mic or my editing; it’s my actual voice due to currently having COVID and being unable to support my voice for a full sentence. I’ll most likely re-record this episode once I have my lung capacity back, but I wanted to get a new story out for you guys!

John Wheeler the Third- Jack- accomplished more in one life than a dozen people combined. After graduating from West Point, serving in Vietnam, and getting degrees from Harvard and Yale, Jack spent his career working high-security government positions. Despite a scandal or two along the way, Jack was considered a stand up guy.
Jack was also bipolar, but he didn’t let it run his life. He took his medication daily and was clearly able to get things done despite of his disorder- or perhaps because of it. But on December 29th, 2010, Jack started acting strangely. In what’s now considered to be a mental break, Jack was seen on CCTV footage wandering through Wilmington, DE wearing only one shoe. Two days later, Jack’s body was found in a landfill.

Unsolved Mysteries – Season 2

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